Segment 1 is ready for gravel!

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Segment 1

We have removed the trees from Segment 1 and completed most of the excavation work required prior to placing the gravel trail base. This segment has some fantastic sections that weave through the forest south of Goldie creek as shown in this photo.

The trail will require retaining walls in a few locations and the system we are using is a structure using that can be hydro seeded after install to turn it into a feature covered in the plants of our choosing. The picture below shows the finished product waiting to be installed.

Segment 2

The trees along this section have been cleared and the views along this section will be epic. This section will have two creek crossings and include the trail summit.

Anticipated work in the coming weeks

We will be continuing the brush removal from the trail along with the trail grading process in Segment 2. The retaining wall system will begin and the gravel sub base will start to be installed.

If you would like to find out more about the Westside Legacy Trail please go to our website where we have all our information.

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