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We are seeking your support one last time!

We need your help to get to the finish line. We are asking you to
consider investing to help us lay the ”LAST SPOKE”.

Our goal of $700,000 in private support means that we have the funds necessary to secure a grant to lay The Last Spoke in 2020.

Have you been out yet? The Markin-MacPhail Westside Legacy Trail is already buzzing with activity – bikers, walkers, races, Solstice Ride – so many happy, healthy faces that you helped make possible. Approximately 20,000 trail user counts last year, and we expect even more this year. Fantastic! Thank you!

We are SO close to crossing the finish line. This season will see the trail rideable from end to end – Invermere to Fairmont! Paving will be completed to the end of Segment 5 (KM 16) – start of the Nature Trust Lands.

The team continues to work hard to secure the funds necessary to finish the Trail, with several grant applications pending.

With your participation in our final push, Our Trail will be rideable in 2019 and fully completed in 2020. Let’s finish it!

All private gifts over 10,000 received after July 1 are eligible.

Recognition Opportunities

Your support for the Markin-MacPhail Westside Legacy Trail is a critical part of completing this wonderful addition to our community. As part of building this legacy, there are several ways to recognize your support. In addition to recognition on the website and on the donor list at both ends of the trail (for gifts over $200), the following options are available:

DoubleUP: Craigellachie: The Last Spoke – Varies

Inspired by Craigellachie: The Last Spike, an outdoor sculpture will be installed on SRL/K2 Ranch at the halfway point in a location highly visible from the Trail acknowledging those Trail-blazers who stepped up a second time (or for a new donation), thus helping to lay the Last Spoke. Available to previous donors in recognition for additional significant support. Your cumulative giving will be acknowledged on the final donor list at each trailhead, by category. Your name will be included in a special ad in the Pioneer listing donors in 2019 that helped complete the private fundraising campaign.
Minimum additional private donation of $10,000.

Trail Flagstone at the Southern Trailhead – $15,000

Professionally installed on the base of each Trailhead Kiosk will be ten engraved metal flagstones embedded in the concrete, each one unique to each donor. Imagine gathering your family around your Flagstone twenty years from now – will you share a powerful message? A funny quote? Or an in-memory-of? This will be your legacy to share with all trail users for decades to come. It’s a simple, but exceptionally powerful gift, and we’re excited to see your idea and install your Flagstone!

SOLD OUT – The Last Spoke Sculpture – $10,000

Preview by Cajsa Fredin

Cajsa Fredin is a local artist and we are excited to have her working on the Last Spoke sculpture. The Last Spoke was inspired by Craigellachie the Last Spike where they put up a monument for the last spike laid on the Trans Canada Railway.  We will place the names of all individual donors who have given over $10k in new support after July 1, 2019 – as each donor has helped us lay the Last Spoke to finish the trail.

Kilometer of Trail - $50,000

Purchasing a kilometer of trail is a great way to leave a lasting impression, to join an exclusive group of grassroots individuals who support an active healthy lifestyle, and want to share that with their friends and families. You can choose the message to include on the KM marker!

SRL K2 Gate Plaque – $50,000

Seven exclusive plaques to be mounted on the gates of the SRL-K2 Ranch. And to help you put your own personal mark on it, you’ll get a day of Blacksmithing Lessons with Bob Shaunessy at SRL-K2 Ranch’s heritage blacksmith shop to create your own brand, which you’ll get to burn-in prior to finishing and hanging. A great family experience and legacy!

Upgrading your Amenity *Varies

Donate the difference between your previous donation and upgrade your amenity. Your current amenity will made available to recognize another donor.
*If not already permanently installed.

Reach out to a Fundraising Committee member to discuss opportunities to support
in a way that meets your recognition goals and maximizes your tax benefits.
Visit or contact Lianne Lang: 250-341-7757 or

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