Rural Dividend Fund grants $500,000 to the Westside Legacy Trail!

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After our announcement one week ago about Columbia Basin Trust donating $250,000, we are thrilled to announce an additional donation of $500,000 from the Rural Dividend Fund!

The Rural Dividend Fund has supported the Westside Legacy Trail to a total of $1 Million – a strong statement for creating outdoor, family-friendly amenities in our communities.

“The many benefits trails bring to communities is something the BC Government is proving beyond all doubt”, said Mark Halwa. “The new Destination Trail funding stream from the Rural Dividend Fund shows our government would like to see people spend more time outside, and on trails. What a great time to be involved with the Greenways Trails Alliance! ”

Greenways gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia, Columbia Basin Trust, and the generosity of private donors who have made over 1,300 donations to the Westside Legacy Trail, many of them repeat donors.

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