Hey Westside Legacy Trail users – let’s set a new world’s record for the Valley!

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With fresh pavement on the first six kilometers of the trail, we are going to use it to set a new record for the longest roller skating conga line – this June! The previous record was set in Miami in 2012 when 197 people joined together to roller skate their way into history.

On Saturday June 16th (Fathers Day weekend), we are looking for 250 people of all ages to skate a distance of 250 feet to set a new record. Want to join in but don’t have roller skates – no problem! We have 250 pairs of roller skates available, and if you come and join us that day – you get to keep the skates after we set a new record! Where the heck did Greenways get 250 pairs of roller skates? click here to find out all about the generous donors, Jason Stevens and Lianne Lang.

So, plan to join us on the Fathers day weekend, get everyone in your household a pair of free roller skates and come out and enjoy the Westside Legacy Trail!

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