It’s been a busy summer!

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I want to start out by recognizing the hard working construction team. They had to contend with unforeseen technical issues, heat, heavy smoke and snow in mid September.

The first 4 segments are complete with 10km of paved trail and repairs were completed at Little Antler.

Segment 5 is prepped for paving and rideable – 6km more; however weather (snow) was a important factor in deciding to let the ground settle over the winter and pave segment 5 in the spring.

Clearing of the remaining 2 segments was started and in 2019 construction will begin at the Fairmont end to connect the trail with gravel to allow access to all 25km as soon as possible.

Contingent on funding, everything is on schedule to complete the Markin – MacPhail Westside Legacy Trail during the 2019 construction season. Locals and visitors alike will have a world-class, one-of-a-kind 25km paved trail connecting the Invermere and Fairmont communities of the Columbia Valley.

Gary Trigg
Chair, Construction
Oversight Committee

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