Invermere to Fairmont – what is the Westside Legacy Trail?

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[lead]The Lake Windermere Westside Legacy Trail will be a multi-use, non-motorized, paved trail connecting the communities of Invermere and Fairmont Hot Springs. [/lead]

Running parallel to Westside Road, the new Westside Legacy Trail will run from Castlerock Estates in Invermere, down to a new parking lot in Fairmont Hot Springs. There will be many access points to the Trail along Westside Road, allowing cyclists, walkers, runners and many other user groups easy access to 25km of paved trail. With a generous width (3m wide) and painted centre line, the Trail will accommodate just about any use, and a myriad of friendly faces – from enthusiasts to families.


The Westside Legacy Trail will be a dynamic landmark that will have many positive effects on the area including community health, environmental awareness, economic development, and safety for the increasing numbers of non-motorized travellers along Westside Road. As a true Valley inspired and created Trail, locals and part-time homeowners alike can take great pride in supporting a grass-roots community effort to bring another world-class attraction to our area – for ourselves, and for generations to come.


The project goal is to complete the 25 kilometer trail with community engagement, encouraging residents, businesses and local governments to participate in unique ways they find meaningful. There will be a strong interpretive signage component to provide environmental and cultural awareness along the trail corridor. Although the immediate project is the first 25 kilometers linking Invermere and Fairmont, the vision is to expand the trail north to Radium for a total length of 51 paved kilometers anchored by two world-class mineral hot springs, Radium and Fairmont.


The Columbia Valley Greenways Trail Alliance hopes to have the Trail completed by Fall, 2017 (or sooner).


The project is being undertaken by the Columbia Valley Greenways Trail Alliance, a registered charity with a 13 year history of delivering successful community projects from Golden to Canal Flats, BC. The directors of Greenways are representatives from a variety of local service clubs, privately owned for-profit entities and the Village of Canal Flats.

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