Greenways Receives 1/2 Million for the Westside Legacy Trail

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[lead]The Columbia Valley Greenways Trail Alliance has received $500,000 from the Rural Dividend Fund for the construction of segment two and three of the Westside Legacy Trail. This is our singe largest donation to date and we are thrilled to announce this provincial government funding”, said an ecstatic Mark Halwa, Executive Director of Greenways. [/lead]

Greenways learned of the Rural Dividend Fund from the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce who hosted a workshop for potential applicants.  “There we learned that grants over $100,000 required audited financial statements so thanks to a thorough review by a local accounting firm, Green Andruschuk, our organization was able to apply for an additional $400,000, and we are very thankful for that”, adds Mark.

Greenways has been very successful in gaining trust and raising funds. The kickoff for the fundraiser was July 25th, 2015. Since then, the organization was able to raise just over $2.3 Million. With the additional $500,000 from Rural Dividend, the thermometer is up to $2.94 Million in total, which brings Greenways up to 60% of the total funds required to build the Westside Legacy Trail. Greenways will construct up to segment four (out of seven segments) this summer!

“We are very excited to break ground April 15th and would understand if locals get out there for a peek, but we strongly ask the community to stay out of the area at all times for safety reasons. sit tight till the end of the summer, when part of the trail will be ready for users!”

Over the course of this summer, the organization will keep the community involved through bi-weekly Trail-Tales! All ins and outs will be shared in the Pioneer, so keep an eye out. Greenways expects to finish construction of the trail in the summer of 2018.

Are you not part of this movement yet and would you like to have your name on the donor wall in perpetuity? Donation opportunities are still available through the website ( There are also still several amenities available.

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