Westside Legacy Trail – 2017 Update!

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[lead]Curious about what the Westside Legacy Trail is, and how it will benefit everyone in the Valley? Read On![/lead]

Current Milestones

[list-group] [list-group-item]Over $2.3M has been raised to date (Jan, 2017)[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]Full list of Fundraising Amenities has been released.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]The Westside Legacy Trail Digital Tour is available.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]All routing has been determined, reviewed, agreed upon, and surveyed.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]The Ministry of Transportation construction permit has been issued[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]Agricultural Land Commission Permit has been issued.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]Construction begins April 1st, 2017[/list-group-item] [/list-group]

Quick Facts

[list-group] [list-group-item]The WLT is being spearheaded by the Columbia Valley Greenways Trail Alliance.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]All landowners have generously donated sections of their land to the WLT. This gives the trail a unique setting, as it is set back from the highway.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]The WLT has been adopted into the regional park system by the RDEK[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]Unlike many trails which are situated on retired railway beds, the WLT features ups and downs, like broad brush strokes over a varied landscape.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]The WLT is a very natural experience – along stream crossings, panoramic vistas, bridges over wetlands, and scenic mountain ranges.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]Publicly accessible, open to all non-motorized use.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]Flatter sections of the trail are accessed from the midway point, perfect for wheelchair users.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]The WLT is 25km in length, and features a 3m wide paved surface[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]The WLT offers a safe route along the scenic west side of Lake Windermere, a perfect alternative for non-motorized use.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]Walk, hike, bike, ski, or roll – the WLT will inspire many healthy activities, raising the quality of life for all users.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]The WLT is usable year round, through all seasons.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]The trail will attract many visitors to the area, a fraction of which will have significant economic impact in the Columbia Valley.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]The trail will link Invermere and Fairmont Hot Springs, and will bring together all communities in the valley as we build the trail, and as users of the trail.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]The trail utilizes the natural landscape with minimal footprint, it will also play a role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by offering non-motorized commuting and recreation options.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]Local schools may use parts of the trail for hands-on learning activities, and already use the connecting trail as part of their physical education programs. The WLT will connect to the DOI Trail, which is within 500m of all three schools.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]The WLT has been selected as the new venue for the annual Loop the Lake race, organized by the Rotary Club of Invermere.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]The project will be completed in sections, (7 total). Each section will be rated for difficulty in the Green, Blue, Black metric.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]The WLT is a $5M project, sourced from donations, land, in-kind, services, and securities.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]The WLT has letters of support from the District of Invermere, RDEK, Radium Hot Springs, Shuswap Band, Village of Canal Flats, Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce, Groundswell, SD6, Imagine Kootenays, and others.[/list-group-item] [list-group-item]The WLT, and the Columbia Valley Greenways Trail Alliance is active on social media, follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram – or visit our website OurTrail.org.[/list-group-item] [/list-group]
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