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[lead]The Columbia Valley Greenways Trail Alliance is looking for enthusiastic, fun people to help with our summer events – starting with Run, Ride and Rock The Ranch on May Long. Want to be a part of something great? The Westside Legacy Trail project is connecting communities, families, and individuals – join us and build your legacy too![/lead]



Friday, May 20

  1. Tent Engineers – Help with erecting a large tent
  2. Event Set up – Miscellaneous duties

Saturday, May 21

  1. Event set up – Miscellaneous duties
  2. Parking- Help guide guests into the designated parking areas
  3. Security – Keepin’ everyone safe and sound!
  4. Bartenders – You’ll need your Serving it Right
  5. Recycling Roamers – Best job on the docket, perfect for a family!
  6. Activity Stations – Many opportunities available for the Afternoon events
  7. Hiking/biking guides – Trailblazer? Guide some guests on a bike tour(s)
  8. Tear down – Help us pack up.


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