BREAKING: A new dinosaur has been discovered along the Trail!

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[alert type=”danger’]This announcement was part of our April Fool’s joke for 2016.[/alert]



[lead]On Friday March 25, a palaeontologist working with the Columbia Valley Greenways Trail Alliance confirmed the discovery of the fossilized of remains of a previously unknown dinosaur.[/lead]


The discovery was made while an engineer was confirming bridge specifications along the proposed route for the new Westside Legacy Trail. Noticing something peculiar in the slopes of a ravine, Steve Judkins brought the discovery to the attention of Greenways. “We thought the bones belonged to an elk”, Mark Halwa, Executive Director explains, “But something didn’t seem right, so we dug a little more”. The group unearthed an entirely different scenario, “We soon realized we’re dealing with something entirely different, and asked the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MoFLNRO) for help identifying the bones”.


MoFLNRO then connected Greenways with three palaeontologists, one from Alberta, and two from the northern United States. They arrived in Invermere, and subsequently confirmed the discovery. The temporarily dubbed ‘Legacysaurus’ was a large four-legged herbivore – about the size of a medium sedan – and is a close relative to the Hadrosaur.


Western Canada is no stranger to new dinosaur discoveries, boasting Amblydactylus, Columbosauripus, Tetrapodite, and Elasmosaurus, the ‘Legacysaurus’ will be soon be in good company.


When asked if this discovery will delay the construction of the Westside Legacy Trail, Executive Director Mark Halwa indicated that a small reroute will be required, but does not expect any hold up while excavation crews work to unearth the fossilized remains.


The Greenways Trail Alliance will be holding a public contest to name this new dino – temporarily dubbed ‘Legacysaurus’. Visit to cast your vote.

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