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Your name on both Donor Walls.
A charitable tax receipt.

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Picnic Areas

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Throughout the Westside Legacy Trail there will be seven beautifully placed Picnic Areas – typically along high points of the trail which are naturally scenic. These areas will act as gathering points, before and after sections of trail that may be challenging, where you can catch your breath, enjoy a view, or wait for your party to catch up. Or, perhaps they’re the destination for the day, and you have a backpack snack ready for you and your partner. Either way, a Picnic Area is a wonderful amenity that will see a lot of use – from families to first kisses – let this be your legacy, and don’t forget to pick your favourite spot!

Fast Facts:

  • What is it? Picnic area with stunning views and seating for eight in one of the five most picturesque locations


Picnic Area Donor Dedication
Picnic Area 1 (0.45 km) Invermere Rotary Serving Local and World Communities. Invermere Rotary
Picnic Area 2 (2.68 km) Reg Hoover RUNNER’S HIGH

The Hoover Family

Picnic Area 3 (5.38 km) Murray & Elaine Frame The Frame Family
Picnic Area 4 (8 km) Lorne Hooper Lorne and Doreen Hooper
Picnic Area 5 (9.3 km) Charlie Fischer & Joanne Cuthbertson TBA
Picnic Area 6 (13.7 km) The Windermere Oilmen Another special place supported by the Windermere Oilmen
Picnic Area 7 (25 km) Calgary Foundation/Buck Braund Coming Soon