Segment 7 – Fairmont

Segment seven, named Fairmont, incorporates a winding decline to the edge of some small hoodoos overlooking a grazing area towards Fairmont Hot Springs, where a bench is located. The trail hairpins before a steep descent to the grazing area where it follows a natural pathway before returning to parallel Highway 93/95. The trail continues to the final parking area which features the southern trailhead kiosk, a bicycle maintenance station, a picnic area, and a rest area. This segment is 3.8 kilometers long and built upon land donated by Fairmont Hot Springs Resort and The BC Ministry of Transportation.

Amenities Landowners Water Features
1 Trailhead Kiosk Fairmont Hot Springs Resort
1 Rest Area BC Ministry of Transportation
1 Picnic Area
1 Bicycle Maintenance Station
4 Benches