Segment 1 – Goldie Creek

Segment one of the Westside Legacy Trail, named Goldie Creek, begins just after the Castle Rock cattle guard and is where parking, benches, the northern trailhead kiosk, a bicycle maintenance station, and a rest area welcomes trail users. It starts with a moderate climb followed by a slight downhill to Goldie Creek where eastern brook trout and rainbow trout reside, and kokanee are visible in spawning season. From Goldie Creek, the trail climbs up three switchbacks into a sloped, wooded area before emerging at the highest point of the trail (960 meters) where there is a picnic area with views of the Rocky Mountains. From there the trail winds through a forested area and descends to the second designated parking lot. This segment is 2.8 kilometers in length and built upon land donated by CastleRock Estates, Grizzly Ridge Properties, the Jim McKay family and the BC Ministry of Transportation.

Amenities Landowners Water Features
Trailhead Kiosk CastleRock Estates Goldie Creek
Rest Area Grizzle Ridge Properties
Benches Jim McKay Family
Picnic Areas BC Ministry of Transportation
Parking Area
Bicycle Maintenance Station
Interpretive Signage