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Food Service will be assisting in serving lunch to the participants. This is a BBQ lunch.

Specific duties:

  • Set up tables to allow for ‘buffet’ style of service & tent (weather permitting)
  • Set up tent
  • Set up Audio Equipment
  • Set up BBQ(s)
  • Set up food for BBQ
  • Set up fruit & cookies
  • Set up condiments, plates, napkins, drinks, snacks for buffet tables
  • Set up garbage cans & recycling bins
  • Monitor snack, beverage & condiment levels & restock as needed
  • Monitor garbage & recycling and re-stock as needed
  • Serving food (burgers) to children
  • Assisting with cooking if required
  • Clean up and tear down of station at end
  • Return supplies to those who donated

Meeting Time:

  1. 9:00am
  2. 9:00am Set up Audio
  3. 9:00am Set up BBQ
  4. 9:45am Set up buffet
  5. 10:45am-1pm Food Service
  6. 1pm – 2pm Tear down & clean up

Meeting Place:

J.A. Laird School field


  • A pair of good walking/running/hiking shoes is a requirement.
  • A cell phone is a requirement.
  • Rain jacket in case of inclement weather.
  • Bring a water bottle.
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