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Join the Columbia Valley’s, and Calgary’s, business leaders in completing the #OurTrailChallenge!

[lead]It’s easy and fun – as a business, you complete the challenge by donating to the Westside Legacy Trail. Show your staff and the wonderful community we live in that you support a safe, active, and healthy lifestyle. All businesses both big and small are joining forces to make this dream a reality – will you accept the #OurTrailChallenge?[/lead]
  1. Accept the #OurTrailChallenge and donate any amount to #OurTrail (1 Meter of Trail is the perfect donation level for your staff, as it includes their name on the Donor Wall)
  2. Upload a photo of your staff to Facebook and tag #OurTrailChallenge
  3. Share the photo on the CV Greenways Trail Alliance Facebook Page
  4. Nominate 3 other businesses. Please check-in with each business you plan to nominate first; they may have have already completed the #OurTrailChallenge, or might not wish to participate. Thank you!

What’s in it for you

  1. Exposure – we will share, tweet and promote your business as you complete the challenge (remember to keep in touch with Tess Bekkering as you go)
  2. Warm Fuzzy Feelings for supporting health, safety, the local economy, and our communities.


[alert type=”info”]Still have questions? Email Tess Bekkering with your questions![/alert] [/panel]