Includes: Your name on one of the Westside Legacy Trail Kiosk Structures and on the Donor Walls.
A charitable tax receipt.

Donations can be made by cheque, cash, credit card, or by equities.
Naming options to be a maximum of 140 characters and contain your name, or the name of your family, group, company, organization, or non-profit. Ex: Doe Family Boardwalk.
Proposed names are subject to approval.
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Trailhead Kiosk

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Gather up your friends and family – and meet us at the Trailhead Kiosk next Saturday! Imagine enjoying your quality time with those you love doing something fun together, and meeting up at the Trailhead you helped build. At both ends of the trail will be a Trailhead Kiosk, complete with a donor wall, community billboard and meeting area. Here’s your chance to commit to change; whether you’re an avid runner, cyclist or skiier, or on track to be, a Kiosk can symbolize your starting point, and the starting point for many thousands of others.

Fast Facts:

  • What is it? Entrance Structure
  • Supporting communities: Community Billboard
  • Features: Gathering area


Location Donor Dedication
North The Panorama Foundation With a love of biking, hiking, skiing and riding, the Panorama Foundation passionately supports projects that get people outside and moving
South Joel & Madeline Aboughoush, Slade Stephenson, Colin Korber, Nick Schultz Tucker & Brady Braund, Cory Sarich Coming Soon