Includes: Your name and dedication on a 75cm x 75cm concrete dedication located in the trail corridor. Your dedication will be made of metal lettering sealed in concrete.
Your name on both Donor Walls.
A charitable tax receipt.

Donations can be made by cheque, cash, credit card, or by equities.
Naming options to be a maximum of 140 characters and contain your name, or the name of your family, group, company, organization, or non-profit. Ex: Doe Family Boardwalk.
Proposed names are subject to approval.
Amenities are selected first-come, first-served – donate today! (design may differ from example)

Kilometers of Trail

2 of 27 Available

The Westside Legacy Trail is focused on connecting communities – in the literal sense, but also in the metaphorical. This Trail is built segment by segment, kilometer by kilometer, and stretches between Invermere and Fairmont Hot Springs. It also connects people like yourself to each and every person who will set foot or tire on the Westside Legacy Trail. Purchasing a kilometer of trail is a great way to leave a lasting impression, to join an exclusive group of grassroots individuals who support an active healthy lifestyle, and want to share that with their friends and families. Please consider sponsoring your kilometer as a family or group. Many already have!

Fast Facts:

  • What is it? Your name on One Kilometer of Trail
  • Features: A commemorative display for your kilometer


KM # Donor Dedication
KM 0 Kicking Horse Coffee Take the uncommon path. Kicking Horse Coffee
KM 1 Buck Braund Thank you for the vision to create a healthy and fulfilling experience for all to enjoy. Buck Braund
KM 2 Brett Wilson The Wilson Grandparents Bill, Doreen, Eunice, Lou, & Muriel
KM 3 Howie & Michelle Crone The Crone Family. Hope you enjoy the path as much as we enjoy the Valley
KM 4 Howie & Michelle Crone The Crone Family. It’s about the journey, not the destination
KM 5 Mac & Sue Van Wielingen Van Wielingen & Labelle Family. In Memory of our beloved Adam
KM 6 Derek & Pat Martin Derek & Pat Martin and Family
KM 7 Bob & Barb Shaunessy The Shaunessy Family
KM 8 Russ Girling “Do more of what makes you happy!”
the Girlings
KM 9 Brett Wilson The Wilson Family Pooches Maja, Cash, Callie, Bill & Poco
KM 10 Bob & Barb Shaunessy Matt Shaunessy
KM 11 Bob & Barb Shaunessy The Shaunessy Family / For all the Valley to enjoy!
KM 12 Bob & Barb Shaunessy Adam Shaunessy
KM 13 Bob & Barb Shaunessy The Shaunessy Family / We hope you enjoy the trail as much as we do!
KM 14 Gord & Robyn Ritchie / Rob & Tatiana Ritchie Rob, Tania and the rest of the Ritchie family, where ever they are!
KM 15 Gord & Robyn Ritchie / Rob & Tatiana Ritchie Family & Nature: Two of Life’s great masterpieces. / Gordon, Robyn and The Ritchie Family – past, present & future.
KM 16 John and Karin Chambers The Chambers Family John, Karin, Jakob, Maya & Lexi
KM 17 Mike & Heather Culbert Enjoy this and every day in beautiful British Columbia, CA / The Culbert Family
KM 18 Mactaggart Family Sandy Mactaggart had a passion for the outdoors. He would have loved this bike path. xxxooo Cécile, Fiona, Alastair, John and Philip
KM 19 Available
KM 20 John & Sheilagh Langille Keep Moving. The McKendrick, Horsky & Langille Families
KM 21 John & Sheilagh Langille For the Langille Grandchildren Mikayla, Sam, Carson, Myles & Molly
KM 22 Available
KM 24 Scott & Lara Ratushny
There is no time to be bored in a place as beautiful as this. “Lara and Scott Ratushny”
KM 25 Kicking Horse Coffee
There’s dreaming great dreams, and then, there’s doing great things.