Includes: Your name on a plaque on the bench.
Your name on both Donor Walls.
A charitable tax receipt.

Donations can be made by cheque, cash, credit card, or by equities.
Message to be a maximum of 140 characters.
Proposed messages are subject to approval.
Amenities are selected first-come, first-served – donate today!


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Slow down and enjoy the trip, there’s a bench just up ahead that overlooks Lake Windermere. Why not take a break? Here’s your opportunity to sponsor that wonderful location by purchasing a bench – and immortalizing your message for all those who take a moment to enjoy the view. Unique to benches is your opportunity to add a customized message up to 140 characters long – what will you say? Will it be funny or insightful? The Westside Legacy Trail runs parallel to some historied land going back hundreds of years, and now you can add your own piece of history too.

Fast Facts:

  • What is it? A bench, for resting
  • What will you say? Personalized message of up to 140 characters


Bench #1 John & Eileen Fiell John and Eileen Fiell
Bench #2 Bruce & Sandra Fiell “The Fiell Family” / Bruce, Sandra, Trevor, Erin, Robyn, & Numa
Bench #3 Keith MacPhail When your legs get tired, cycle with your heart. / The MacPhail Family
Bench #4 Cathy Bird The Bird Family
Bench #5 Marshall & Barbara Davidson The Davidson Family
Bench #6 Terri Adair & Don Rempel To honour Bob & Maurine Adair, who showed 3 gens What a Wonderful World we have to love and care for. We’ll all meet at the end of trail.
Bench #7 Marshall & Barbara Davidson Brady Creek Ranch / Est. 1885
Bench #8 John & Barb Feick The Feick Family
Bench #9 Craig Bacher Tribute – TBD
Bench #10 Arthena Fleming In Memory of Larry and Arthena Fleming
Bench #11 Merv & Corinne Kirker The Kirker Family
Bench #12 Al & Dawna Lyon Sit, relax, and drink in the beauty / Al & Dawna Lyon
Bench #13 John & Barb Feick The Feick Family
Bench #14 Gary & Sue Trigg  Enjoy the ride! Sue and Gary Trigg and Family
Bench #15 Bill Bonner In Memory of Jamie Bonner
Bench #16 Joanna Wright In Memory of TJ Wright
Bench #17 Harry & Kristine Klukas Enjoy the adventure and the beauty of the valley / The Klukas Family